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Your Safari will be adventurous enough to last for a life time.

If there's one thing that DONAK Safaris is proud of, is a satisfying number of 4x4 Vehicles which it owns and maintain them at top-notch professionalism to a point it has become of help to other Safari companies around us. We are invested in a an active Workshop that takes care of mechanical needs of our Vehicles to ensure that you enjoy Safari feeling safe under the roof, while our experts Guides takes you out to experience what Africa has to offer – adventure.

With First Aid kits, a Fridge to offer you enough to drink, cozy cushioned Seats, Armrests, opening Windows, Roof-hatch and Map pockets, you will be amazed with how comfortable you feel on bumpy roads of Serengeti, Tarangire or Ngorongoro. Your Safari will be adventurous enough to last for a life time. You will witness the Wildlife on your Comfort zone, ridding in the jungles and savannahs of Tanzania.

Our drivers are well knowledgeable and faster in fixing any mechanical malfunctions that may occur during Safari, as sometimes there may be technical emergencies but that's very rare to happen because all the DONAK Safaris' Vehicles are checked & serviced before you sit in.

-Additionally, our Vehicles have all the government permits and registrations, this guarantee a smooth ride from the Airport to pick you, to our Arusha office for briefing, and to the Safari you have been waiting for and excited about. Our professional Drivers will take you places you want to be on time and in a well-mannered, friendly gesture. Our staff will warmly welcome you to feel at home and wish you glorious moments in Tanzania.