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Payment -Methods

-You can use your Credit Card to pay for Safari in Tanzania; Visa, Visa electron, Master Card or PayPal. You can also fairly withdraw a limited amount of money each day from the ATM in Tanzania. Payment by credit card in Tanzania can attract additional Bank surcharge of between 5 to even 10%. DONAK Safaris is ok with any of the credit card payment options herewith listed.

-Bank to Bank transfer Payment

  • Most of our major payments are through Bank Wire/telegraphic transfer (TT) / method. You can wire / telegraphic transfer money directly into our Bank account from anywhere around the world by using the information provided on the Online payment section on DONAK Safaris' Website.

Cash Payments

  • We accept cash if this seems to be your better option. Since most of the payments for your Safari including accommodations are set in USD that makes it our preferred currency of choice. We also take UK pounds, Euro and Tanzanian shillings exchanged against the current Market rate.

-What do we accept?